The Dog Squad is the only Doggy Daycare located in Tuggerah, NSW. Being minutes away from the M1 and walking distance to the train station, it makes the perfect place for Central Coast and Newcastle commuters to leave their pooch to play while they head off to work.

Not only do we offer a safe, fun and engaging environment for your dog to socialise in, we also offer heaps of fun and exciting daily extras such as suburban & adventure walks, social walks, hydro-bath and blow dry, basic tidy up grooming, doggy exercise and weight loss programs, as well as lunch time treats.

In addition to this, as highly qualified dog trainers, we proudly offer various training options such as Doggy Daycare and Training, Trick Training, Private Lessons, Group Classes and Home Consultations. Plus our Suburban Walks have a great option training extra that is one of our most popular services.

Doggy Daycare

PLEASE NOTE - As of June 2022, our waitlist is estimated to be about 1 year long. We are not actively accepting new clients onto our waitlist but we will give preference to people utalising our other services such as Suburban & Adventure Walks, Group Classes, Private Lessons ect.  Please see below for our services outside of Daycare. 

Assessments (4 hours) - $30
All dogs MUST attend an assessment to ensure they are social, fit into our existing pack of daycare attendee's, have fun and are suited to our daycare environment.  

Full Day (over 6 hours) - $47

Half Day (under 6 hours) - $36 

Shop 'n' Drop (1-3 hours) - $25

Half Day Pass (5 days) - $171
Bulk passes are discounted & must be used within three months. 

Half Day Pass (10 days) - $324
Bulk passes are discounted & must be used within three months. 

Full Day Pass (5 days) - $223
Bulk passes are discounted & must be used within three months. 

Full Day Pass (10 days) - $423
Bulk passes are discounted & must be used within three months.

DayCare & Training

Daycare and Training is an excellent option for those of you who struggle to add the task of training your dog into your already busy schedule. In a nutshell, while your dog attends their day at school, we train them and then show you everything they can do and how you can get them to do it too. 


The Everyday Dog - $300

In this package we work on loose lead walking, recall, sit & stay and focus work (watch) under low to medium distraction levels. This package teaches your dog all the basics and is a good place to start if you are sick of your dog thinking they own the joint. The Everyday Dog Package includes 10 days of training, a information film at the commencement of training, 1x free lesson at the completion of training, ongoing support and advice and access to our Continuation Training Program. 

The Good Dog - $525

In this package we focus on loose lead walking, recall, sit & stay, drop, focus work (watch) and no jumping under medium distraction levels. This package goes beyond the very basics of dog obedience and teaches some much needed skills to ensure your dog is both an obedient and well mannered canine citizen. The Good Dog Package includes 15 days of training, an information film at the commencement of training, 1x free lesson part way through the training package and another at the completion of the package, ongoing support and advice and access to our Continuation Training Program.

The Show Off Dog - $950

In this package we focus on focused walking, loose lead walking, recall, sit & stay, focus work (watch), drop & stay, no jumping, leave it and place under high levels of distraction. This package is for those who are serious about training and want a calm, well mannered, reliable and focused canine companion. The Show Off Dog Package offers 25 days of training, an information film at the commencement of the training, 3x free lessons (2 partway through and 1 at completion of the package), ongoing support and advice and access to our Continuation Training Program.

The Pick 'n' Mix - $350

We will train four focus areas of your own choosing. These areas must be suitable for a daycare & training environment and approved by our trainers prior to commencement of the training package. We aim to work under low to medium distraction levels. The Pick 'n' Mix package includes 10 days of training, an information film at the commencement of the training, 1x free lesson at the completion of the training package, ongoing support and advice and access to our Continuation Training Program. 

Continuation Training - $30 per day (pay for 10 upfront and receive a 10% discount)

Any dog who has completed one of our Daycare & Training Programs is welcome to continue training with us at any point in their life through our Continuation Training Program. Through this program we can continue to focus and build on the training areas outlined in the training program your dog has undertaken. 

Socialisation Training - $35 per day (pay for 10 upfront and receive a 10% discount)

Some dogs may not have a good understanding of how to socialise properly. It could be that they are too rough, a little timid, a bit grumpy ect. For dogs like this, we need to spend additional time showing them how to socialise properly and how to listen to us so we can manage them appropriately. This is where our ''Socialisation Training" comes in. We will give your dog all the tools and skills they need to make appropriate and safe choices throughout the course of the day and teach them how to listen to us when in a stimulating social environment. This form of training will be a must, not an option, for some dogs and will be a condition of their approval to attend daycare with us. 

*** Please note, training outcomes may vary based on the individual age and temperament of your dog. While this style of training means we do the large majority of work, you will still need to follow directions and work with your dog at home to maintain the results of the training. 

Private Lessons, Home consultations, SOCIAL SESSIONS & group classes

Private Training Lessons

Held at The Dog Squad premises are perfect for those who want to be super involved with the training of their dog. During our lessons together we teach you the skills and demonstrate these skills with your dog and you take these skills away to continue the training at home.

Puppy 101 - $400       5 x 30 minute lessons

An absolute must have for starting your pup off on the right paw. Across our 5 lessons together, we will focus on';

  • How to teach basic obedience skills including social walking, sit, recall and focus work (watch).
  • Day to day handling of your dog such as ear cleaning, trimming nails, brushing ect. All those things you need your puppy to be very comfortable letting you do, so you don't end up having to pay someone else to do it for you.
  • 1 on 1 socialisation with age/size/temperament appropriate dogs.
  • General puppy raising wisdom and advice. 

Everything Obedience - $130 per 45 - 60 minute lessons

This option allows you to pick areas of obedience to focus on during your training sessions. This is a flexible options for obedience training only where you can book and pay per lesson. We can work with you and your dog to improve social walking, sit, drop, stay, recall, focus work (watch), heel, stand, leave it, place, trick training, no jumping. 

We offer 5% discounts if paying for 5 lessons upfront and 10% discounts if paying for 10 lessons upfront. 

 Leash Reactivity - $150 for 30 - 45 minute lessons 

This option is suitable for people who struggle o manage their dog on leash as they come across another dog. We class leash reactivity as; - --- highly excitable behaviour such as pulling, barking, lunging and an inability to focus.
- fearful/timid behaviour such as trembling, whining, backing away, refusing to walk and an inability to focus. 
- aggressive behaviour such as lunging, growling, barking, redirecting aggression back onto the owner and inability to focus. 

Our focus during these lessons is to teach you how to effectively handle your dog during situations like this, through effective use of engagement and focus work, safe and suitable handling skills, redirection of attention, desensitisation/socialisation and to teach your dog that such behaviours are not suitable and what behaviours are. Our trainers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area and your couldn't be in better hands. 


$130 for 45 - 60 minute obedience lessons 
$150 per 45 - 60 minute reactivity lessons
$1 per minute travel fee & 72c per kilometer fuel charges. 

A perfect option for people who have home specific issues, dogs who are timid outside of the home and unlikely to perform well at a private lesson at our facility, or for people who cannot get out of the house and people who want the whole family to be involved in the training. 

During a Home Consultation we aim to work with both you and your dog to leave you with the skills and information to continue the training yourself. We do also offer ongoing phone support and advice after completion of the consultation. Training areas suitable for consultations are; 
- basic obedience 
- leash reactivity
- toilet training
- separation anxiety including destructive behaviours and nuisance barking
- fear and aggression issues
- boundaries within the home environment 

30 minute SOcial Sessions 

We offer social sessions for dogs whose owners need to socialise them but daycare isn't suitable. This could be because the dog is a young puppy, the owners aren't capable of socialising them due to their own physical limitations or anxieties and for dogs who have fear and/or aggression issues.

$30 for dogs who are social and require minimal assistance.
$75 for dogs who are fearful and have  aggression issues or need additional assistance due to being boisterous or OTT. 



Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced $175

The perfect option for people wanting to work on basic obedience around the distraction of other dogs without spending too much money. This option is most suitable for dogs who have some basic skills but are easily distracted and unruly around the presence of other dogs and people. During Group Classes we aim to work on;
- social walking
- sit
- drop
- stay
- recall
- focus work (watch)
- food motivation
- compliance of known commands around distraction 

Each exercise is tailored to the skills and level of each individual dog and their owner. 

Puppy Classes $200

 The perfection option for dogs 8 weeks to 5 months of age. During this class we work on basic obedience, focus, socialisation and habituation, day to day handling such as ear cleaning, nail trimming and brushing, health advice and general puppy raising wisdom and advice. A puppy class should be about setting good foundations for the rest of your dogs life, rather than just a teaching a few basic commands... and we feel this is what sets out classes apart from the rest. 

Suburban & Adventure walks


Suburban Walks are walks around your neighbourhood and local area. These walks are one on one with our Dog Walkers or our Dog Walker may bring one of their own personal dogs along for the walk should your dog and their dog be a suitable social match. 

$$ Please contact us for a personalised quote as walk prices are dependent on the length of the walk and travel time for us to come to you. 

Add Training to the Walk - $30
Should you choose to add training to your dogs suburban walk, we will train them in loose lead walking, sit, drop, stay, recall (on lead) and focus around distractions. 

Adventure Walks are where we take your dog off for a fun filled adventure one on one or in a group to a variety of new and wonderful places including; beaches, state forrests, lakes and bush tracks. Adventure Walks are anywhere between 1-2 hours from start to finish depending on the location of the adventure. 

Solo Walks - $130 (1 dog)    $150 (2 dogs from the same family)
Group Walks - $110  (available to current doggy daycare clients only). This option is for dogs suitable to go on an adventure walk with a fellow doggy daycare buddy. 

10% discount available on suburban and adventure walks if your puchase 4 upfront. 

Doggy Baths

All of our doggy baths are undertaken with gentle care to ensure your pooch has the best bath experience possible. We use treats to teach your dog that a bath is a positive and rewarding experience. Our 2-1 Shampoo and Conditioner by ProGroom, is gentle on your pets skin, revitalises their coat and smells unbelievably good. 

Hydro-bath & Blow Dry
Small Dogs 

Short Coat - $25
Medium Coat - $35
Long Coat - $45

Medium Dogs
Short Coat - $35
Medium Coat - $50
Long Coat - $60

Large Dogs
Short Coat - $45
Medium Coat - $60
Long Coat - $80

Nail Clip - $15

Brushing/Clipping Matting - $15 per 15 minutes 

De-Shed (3 step bath treatment) - $20

Tidy Up Grooming (feet & hygiene areas) - $20 
This service can be added to any hydro-bath and blow dry for dogs with medium and long coats. It is a great option for dogs who need a bit of a tidy but not a full professional groom.